Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life Lately

I've been meaning to post a blog about our vacation to the Grand Canyon and Vegas, but now it's been three weeks and I don't care anymore. If you want to see the pictures, you can see them on my facebook :) It was fun! We had a blast and wore ourselves out, Vegas is dirty and we'll probably never go back and the Grand Canyon was beautiful, but too cold to camp in at night...we froze! It was fun to see my family and to spend time with them as well.

Eric went to a conference in Chicago called "Wonder" and he really enjoyed that. My parents stayed in town with me while he was gone, so I missed him, but at least I was able to sleep at night!

We have been really busy with work and just spending time with friends and what not, but things have been good. Our friends Courtney and DJ bought a house two streets over from us, so we're super excited about that! We have other friends that are having babies who will remain nameless because I'm not sure they want that posted on the internet yet...but it's exciting!

Besides all of that I have been learning a lot about my sin. It's been really good, I have just been praying that the Lord would continue to reveal sin to me and He has...it's funny how you can start to think you are doing "better" but really there's just a new sin that the Lord wants to work on that you don't realize yet. Couseling has been really good for me and for Eric and I am specifically learning a lot about my pride. I want things my way, right away, not to mention that I want everyone to like me and think I'm funny or good at what I do or whatever. I am constantly battling my flesh as I try to make myself look better...but at least the Lord is starting to reveal it to me and I'm not oblivious anymore right? But, really it has been good and I'm glad to know the Lord hasn't given up on me yet.

Anyways, that's the update...the next thing I am really excited about is Mute Math's new CD! They finally announced that they are going to release it on August 18 :) And they are coming to Dallas in October...when we will also be seeing U2 and Muse and going to Staff Retreat! What a great month!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missouri Trip

We just got back from Missouri...my nephew, Wes, graduated from High School, so Josh, Angela, Jillian and David went with us to see the sights :) We had so much fun! We had to take two cars, since there were so many of us, but we had a boy car and a girl car, which we decided is the best way to travel. You don't have to freeze because the boys are hot, or argue the whole time, or talk about dumb stuff...you can talk about cool stuff and be warm and make fun of the boys all day! But, we brough walkie talkies, so on the way up there, we made up a game where we each said things about somebody in the car and we had to guess who it was. The boys sucked at it, they don't know their wives very well...but it was fun.

We got in pretty late on Wednesday, but we stayed at my parents house, so they had our rooms ready for us. Thursday when we all woke up Eric had gone to McDonald's to download the season finale of Lost..and he had been gone for two hours. It's the only place in town that has wifi and my parents don't have internet :) So, the boys went over to hang out with him and the girls just lounged around the house and relaxed. After 4 hours they came home and we had lunch and then went to Mammoth Spring (I can't believe they actually have a web site for this) and walked around...this is one of our claims to fame. It's definitely beautiful and fun to walk around, they have a huge waterfall and a really really small aquarium. There has been a small alligator in the aquarium as long as I can remember, but I have never seen it move...until this trip. Eric kept ticking it off just by looking at it and it would jump around out of the water...it was awesome. We relaxed for a while that afternoon and then went out to my brother's house...he wasn't home, but we got our first ticks of the trip! Getting ticks is kind of a rite of passage when you visit my home town for the first time. Then we came home and watched The Office and 30 Rock and then played Catch Phrase...boys against girls. Of course the boys suck at that too, so we dominated :) Then, Josh, Angela, Eric and I watched Lost. It was awesome!!! One more year!

Friday we woke up and decided to go visit Grand Gulf (I also can't believe they have a web site)...our other claim to fame. We walked around and got more ticks...I had like 13 before it was all said and done. I've had lots of ticks in my day, so it doesn't really bother me, but Angela and Jillian were freaking out...it was hilarious. Angela had only had ticks the other time they visited MO with us and it was Jillian's first time...like I said, rite of passage. Anyways, we had a good time "hiking" at Grand Gulf and them came home and got ready for Wes' graduation. I can't believe my nieces and nephews are so grown up!

Saturday we went antique shopping at some of the local stores...Eric bought a Stryper CD, but nobody else got anything. It was a bust and then we celebrated my Dad's 66 birthday! I bought him overalls...that's what he wanted....weird. Then we played a few more rounds of Catch Phrase and watched "Taken." And that ended our trip..we left Sunday morning to come back home, but we had a blast! Some of my favorite moments on the trip:

1. Angela sang a song listing the names of the 12 disciples, the song ends with the line "And by him Jesus was betrayed."
2. My dad gives everyone nicknames...but the best was that David inherited the name "booger picker." It's a long story.
3. During catch phrase Josh had the word "lemon" and described it by saying "it's a type of cake."
4. Spending time with my family and getting lost behind the school with my dad after the graduation. While we were lost he said "see, now we know where they work on the buses, we never knew that before."
5. There are so many moments that I can't think of right now, but it was awesome! I love the Smiths and the Walkers and I'm glad we got to hang out in my home town together :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

I don't really know what to post....

But, I feel compelled to write something...so I'm just going to start with an update...although there isn't much to update on. We did our taxes last night and are getting a great tax return since we bought a new house last year! So, we are going to pay off Eric's car and the amount we owe his school (which we just found out we owed because nobody ever told us). So, that's exciting...two less bills!

We helped out with Spin Weekend last weekend...it is basically a disciple now that we do at The Village every year for the Student Ministry. It was a blast! It was my first time to really do anything with the Student Ministry, so it was fun to see all the kids there and they were really involved. I found out later that most of the students that attend at The Village are not believers, so it was exciting to know so many are comoing and hearing the gospel every week. I know Blake and everybody in the student ministry love those kids so much, so it's just cool to know the Lord is moving in the ministry. Also, By the Tree came! So, I got to hang out with my sweet friends all weekend. Ben and Amy are starting a new band (with the drummer and guitarist that have been playing with By the Tree) and they will be known as "Davis"...so be on the look out for them...I'm sure their music will be awesome!

I wrote my life story along with Jillian and Angela and we have been sharing them with each for the past few weeks. It has been really encouraging for all 3 of us and I'm so glad we are going through the study that we are. I have just been really challenged to be more encouraging to people who play big roles in my life and to also be more obedient to every little thing I feel like the Lord is asking of me...instead of putting it off. Even if it's just an email or a phone call.

Anyways, that's really all there is to talk about. We have been really busy, but work and marriage have been good. We are learning a lot!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay, so it's time to update. I kind of forgot I had a blog for a while...oops. Anyways, things are good....I like 2009. What has happened so far this year?
1. Eric and I are learning how selfish we are like every day. Counseling is still really great and John has been such an amazing encouragement to us. It's been so good for our marriage and our outside relationships. The biggest thing I'm learning is that communication is important, not only with my husband, but with our community. So, I'm learning how to be vulnerable to tell people what is going on with me...even if I don't think it's important. It's hard, but good.

2. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We went to The Inn on Lake Granbury and it was amazing! It was highly recommended by The Bleeckers and now we highly recommend it too! I can't believe we've been married for 3 years...it seems like only a few months still.

3. My boss went to Africa! Josh has been in Africa for the past 2 weeks with Jeremy Pace (Missions Pastor), Matt Elkins (Missions Associate), Dick McFarland (elder candidate), and John Wright (elder candidate and our home group leader). Vernon was with them while they were in Sudan as well, but he's back now. I thought I would be really bored while Josh is gone, but there has been plenty to do...although I really do miss him. I'm excited that they'll be back on Thursday, but I think everybody will be...we all miss him. The Village just isn't the same when he's gone :)

4. Eric tried to take me out on a surprise Valentine's date to Kobe Steaks, but they don't take reservations on the weekend. So, we got there only to find out we would have to wait for 4 hours to eat...I wasn't about to wait for 4 hours to eat! So, we tried the Magic Time Machine across the street, it was 2 1/2 hours. As we were driving towards home trying to figure out what to do, knowing that since we didn't have any reservations for anywhere it would be the same no matter where we went. Except Golden Corral...so we went to Golden Corral. It wasn't bad, but don't ever get steak there...it's not good. All in all, at least we had a good time and he got me a new Mute Math shirt!

5. Eric tried to amend our Valentine's dinner by taking me to Kobe Steaks the next day..it was a 2 1/2 hour weight...soooo we ate at Magic Time Machine. Cinderella was our waitress, it was fun! We will have to go to Kobe Steaks on a day that we can make a reservation.

6. Mute Math came out with a new EP! 3 of the songs are the same song, just different versions and there is one other song...but I still like it. They also launched a new web site.

7. The Village also launched the much anticipated new web site! It has changed my life.

8. We've gotten to hang out with lots of fun friends!

9. The new season of Lost started...it's amazing.

10. I was convicted to spend more time praying...so I have committed to pray at certain times of the day every day. I mean I always try to pray when I think of it, but I need to commit to spend more time in intentional prayer for every day things...not just big needs at the time. So, it's been good. Feel free to hold me accountable to this.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 has ended...

Disclaimer: *I am kind of copying off Courtney right now, but it's true for me as well and I wanted to copy because it was a good post.*

I have had two years of my life that I have always said are "the best years ever." One was 2001...because I was a year into college and finally figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be...I became close with the friends I would walk deeply with for my entire college career...and longer...and I experienced the Lord in ways I had never experienced him before. Ways that shaped how I believe and changed how I lived. The other was 2005 because I started dating my husband out of nowhere that year and we also were engaged soon after...I started working at The Village, a place that I had already started serving with my whole heart for free and felt like I was supposed to be...and I was introduced to Mute Math's music....they are the best band ever, so it's only appropriate.

While those years are still considered "best years ever" I will now add 2008 to my list. 2008 was a year of transformation. Not only did the Lord teach me a LOT, but He changed me in several ways that I definitely could have never accomplished on my own. Our home group met soon after 2008 started and John Wright asked us what our 2008 resolutions were. I'm not a big resolution person because who ever keeps those? But, I did say that I felt like 2008 was going to be a year of growth in every area of my life...and it really has been. Not that I'm amazing and godly and without sin or anything, but there have just been subtle things that the Lord has asked me to give over to Him and He has helped me do just that...some of things include finances, health, my marriage, my time with Him, work and many other things. Trust me...He is still working in those areas and there are many more, but it's awesome to look back and at least see a small difference.

Another great thing about 2008 has been the deepening of friendships...this is the first year that we have a group of friends that are "our" friends...not just my friends, or his friends. It's awesome! We love all of the people the Lord has around us and it's been so cool to grow together and learn together.

On a less serious note...here are some of my favorite moments from 2008 (that I can remember right now), in no particular order:
1. playing catch phrase on new years eve with the smiths, the walkers and the fox's and josh walker saying "he is the guy who promotes those yellow arm bands" and all the boys yell "lance armstrong" and josh says "oh wait...he's the first man who walked on the moon"

2. portland with the warrens...voodoo donuts, arguing with john about EVERYTHING..especially by the tree, meeting john's family, et in the park, and just walking around the city talking

3. missouri and memphis with the walkers...the fact that they got ticks in my home town (everybody gets ticks on their first visit), the lady in the parking lot who took our picture and told us she thought "we was special," graceland, the fact that they actually wanted to go to my nephew's high school graduation, i wish david and jillian were there :)

4. our road trip to north carolina...seeing ben, amy and tyler in nashville, seeing my family in little rock and thayer, driving through some beautiful scenery, learning so much about our marriage at the marriage retreat, spending lots of quality time together

5. all the countless times i got to hang out with sarah (even though we just run errands together because we're boring grown ups now)

6. watching lost with the hofmanns...especially when the eye scared us and the girls screamed

7. when dj prayed for the scarecrow at babe's

8. i love my job...lunch with my lunch buddy...bex, working for josh and bleecker and having a good time while kicking butt, the fact that i love everyone i work with, staff retreat, crying with isaac, bleecker and john, mafia, pistols and pedals, anytime that we have worshipped together as a staff, getting to see weddings and babys being born all over the place

9. getting to know my husband more...being vulnerable, laughing, crying, and growing deeper in the Lord together

10. times with our home group

11. hanging out at the burger's house for all kinds of random occasions with sarah..playing catch phrase with vernon, hearing titus stories, seeing baby justus come into the world, laughing about stupid stuff we did in college or telling funny stories about people from college

12. staying up way too late just because we are talking with our friends

13. lunches with nat pat...watching lily grow up, telling nat embarassing things and not being embarassed, seeing baby luke join their family

i love my life...

Monday, December 29, 2008

a week in missouri

We are on our way back from Missouri and I'm real bored...so I figured I would blog about our trip :) It wasn't very eventful, but it was fun and restful. We left last Monday and got there around 5:30 that evening. We just ate dinner and spent time talking to the family...I think we watched "A River Runs Through It" that night...it was my first time....it was boring.

Tuesday we woke up to ice covering everything...so I didn't feel like I needed to take a shower since we weren't going anywhere. We watched Lost Season 4 all day with my parents. We got them addicted last year...especially my Mom (which is crazy because she NEVER watches TV or movies and if she does, she doesn't care about them so she doesn't sit through the whole thing)...she LOVES it and then it started clearing up so my sister and her family came over for dinner.

Wednesday the weather was back to normal completely...so Mom, Sis and I went for a walk...then that night we ate dinner together again...I think...then we went to a town called Wirth, AR where there is a family that goes all out decorating with lights and checked it out. Oh and also it's tradition for me and my parents to open presents on Christmas Eve...so we did that too. We got them an indoor/outdoor themometer and some moon pies (dad really likes moon pies) and I got a target gift card and ipod cover and Eric got a Lowe's gift card and Iron Man on bluray.

Thursday was Christmas! The whole fam...my brothers family and my sisters family all came over and had breakfast. We draw names so we exchanged gifts and just sat around and played games and talked. Mom, sis and I went walking again...to work off the breakfast. Then we all went to the movies...we ended up going to see all different movies, but Eric and I went with mom and dad to see Seven Pounds. I liked it...Eric didn't. Everybody else split up between Marley and Me, Yes Man, and that Benjamin Button movie.

Friday Mom, Eric and I went to Springfield...which is about 2 1/2 hours from Thayer. We went shopping...had to spend those gift cards. Then had lunch with one of my great friends and old roomates from college...Kristin and her new roomate. It was great to see her...by the time we left the mall...we were exhausted though and headed back home. We finished watching Lost...I can't wait until Season 5...January 21!!! Party at our house

Anyways...back on track. Saturday we didn't do anything..we just relaxed and rented a bunch of movies. We watched "Ghostown" "Eagle Eye" and "Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia)". Ghostown was excellent...Eagle Eye was good, but stressful. Prince Caspian was boring.

Sunday, we went to church. Had lunch with the family, took naps, and then we went to dinner with Mom and Dad .

Monday morning we left at 7:34 and we are on our way home. I'm excited because I miss Lenny and Pedro...I miss our house and our friends and especially The Village. It'll be good to be home...only 2 hours to go!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is here!

Angela and Jillian wanted me to post a story about getting angry at Kroger the other day at a guy that looked like Harry Potter. But, I'm over it, so I don't want to bring up any bitter feelings :) Instead I'm going to update on what's been going down lately in my life.

Things are great! We are still going to counseling. I've been learning a lot about trusting the Lord. Mostly I've just been praying for more faith and trust lately. I realized I've been walking in a lot of fear, which means I've really been walking in a lot of pride and there's no reason. I should be walking in freedom because Christ has set me free...but for some reason I think I need to be in control, which is scary, which is where the fear comes in. So, it's been an interesting journey, but good.

Looking back on this year is exciting. At the beginning of the year my hope for the year was to spend time growing in every area of my life...health, marriage, work, even all the little things that I used to think were not a big deal. The Lord has definiately been gracious to bring things in those various areas to light and to help me desire change. Of course there are still several areas that will be a continuous work, but I'm glad to know that the Lord hasn't given up on me and never will.

This year has also been a great year of building relationships. We have formed deeper relationships with several friends and are excited to see these relationships continue to grow...we feel like family and it's a great feeling to have those types of relationships. Of course the staff has grown closer as well and I am thankful to say I still love my job and the people I work with...it is a huge blessing.

All that to say...2008 was a good year...I'm excited to see what 2009 will bring. I do know we will at least be bringing in the New Year with some fun friends...so that means 2009 will definiately start out great!

As far as the holiday season goes, we will be celebrating with Eric's family tonight and then heading to Missouri to spend time with my family next week. It will be a nice break and hopefully an encouraging and restful time. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!